POSTER NUMBER POSTERS ON DISPLAY Monday, Feb 05 -- Wednesday, Feb 07
Theme 1 -- Geology of the Arabian Plate: Formation, Tectonics, Structure
# 01 Red Sea shelf of Egypt: A review of the regional structure and tectonics Ahmed Azab, Ali Ali El-Khadragy, Saada Ahmed
# 02 Analysis on Geological Tectonics Evolution and Oil and Gas Reservoir Formation from Neogene to Late Paleozoic of Arabian Plate Xi-Feng Chen, Xiu-Fa Chen, Jin-Hua Ye
# 03 Campanian – Maastrichtian gastropods and Bivalves of the Qahlah Formation, Jabal Huwayyah, United Arab Emirates/Oman border Mohammad. Gameil
# 04 Morphotypes of solitary and colonial corals in the Oligocene rocks of Gabal Hafit (Al Ain area, UAE) and their paleoecological implication Mohammad Gameil
# 05 Vertebrate Palaeontological Potential of the Marine Middle Triassic Jilh Formation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Thomas H. Rich, Ben Kear, Mohammed Halawani, Patricia Vickers-Rich
# 06 The Importance of Early Childhood Earth Science Education: Understanding of the Planet That We Live On Is a Fundmental Step Toward Sustainabilit Vickers-Rich, Trusler, Ramos-Horta, J., Kattan, F. ,­Hough, M. , Seegets-Viliers, D., Greenwood, H. , Low, H
# 07 Neoprotozoic Complex Life On the Arabian Shield: The Ediacarans - Life Before the Arrival of True Animal Diversity P. Vickers-Rich, Fayek Kattan, P. Johnson, A. Ivantsov, A. Al Qubsani, A. Yazidi, S. M. Al Garni, U. Linnemann, M. Hofmann, Th. Rich, P. Trusler, J. Smith, B. Rich
Theme 2 -- Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Systems
# 08 Estimation of Hydrocarbons in Place by Material Balance Equation: Case Study, East Texas Field, USA Abdulhadi Alqahtani, Hassan Naji, and Mohammed Khalil
Theme 3 -- Geophysics and Seismology: from Imaging to Interpretation
# 09 Dating Bahariya Iron Ores using Paleomagnetism and Studying its Fabrics to determine their Origin, North Western Desert, Egypt Ibrahim El-Hemaly, Esmat Abdel Aal, Hatem Odah, Ahmed Awad, Ahmed Khashaba, Hassan El-Shayeb, Ahmed Khalil
# 10 Paleomagnetic Study On The Middle Eocene Limestone, The Tertiary Basalt And The Iron Mineralization, West El-Minia, Egypt Esmat Abd Elaal & Hamza I. Lotfy
# 11 Enhancement Of 3d Seismic Data Interpretation Using Neural Network In Al-Nagyah Oil Field, Sabatayn Basin, Yemen Ashraf E. Ghoneimi, Muhammad Nabih, Gabor Tire, Alexandre Egreteau, Adel Salman
# 12 GPR 3D Visualization Technique Integrated With Electric Resistivity Tomography for Characterizing Near-surface Fracture and Cavities in Engineering Mahmoud Gaballah
# 13 Electrical and electromagnetic surveys to locate possible causes of water seepage to ground surface at a quarry open pit near Helwan city, Egypt Hany S. Mesbah, Ahmed Ismail, Ayman I. Taha, Usama Massoud, Mamdouh M. Soilman
# 14 Paleomagnetism Of Early Cretaceous Rocks From Nigrub El Fogany And Nigrub El Tahtany Ring Complexes, South Eastern Desert, Egypt Abd El- All, E. M. Abdeldayem, A. L.; Mostafa, R. M.; El-Hemaly, I. A. and Oda, H. H
# 15 Structural appraisal of Gravity map of Northern East of Tunisia through gradient methods Sarsar Naouali B, Hamdi Nasr I., Gallali R., Inoubli M.H
# 16 A Dense Small-Scale Seismic Network in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (Northern Tanzania) Laura Parisi, Luigi Lombardo, P. Martin Mai
# 17 Crustal and Upper-Mantle Shear-Velocity Structure of Saudi Arabia from Joint Inversion of P-/S-Wave Receiver Functions and Rayleigh-Wave Group-Velocities Zheng Tang, P. Martin Mai, Jordi Julià Hani M. Zahran
# 18 Geophysical and Geological studies on Miocene Aquifer around Moghra Lake, North Western Desert, Egypt: A strategic overview Maha M. Abdelazeem, Zenhom E. Salem, Mohamed S. Fathy, Maha A. Saleh, Hatem H. Odah and Abdeaziz L. Abdeldayem
# 19 Impact of inherited structures on Present-day tectonics of the Central Eastern Desert and Northern Red Sea, Egypt: evidence from 3-D Gravity inversion and seismicity Salah Saleh, A. R. Moustafa, Vladimír Pohánka
# 20 Radon Survey in Soil and Its Application in Uranium Exploration Dan Zhao, Haitham S. Brinji, Bihong Li, Longquan Yang, Guodong Wu
# 21 Magnetic study of the tertiary tholeiitic dykes in the Arabian Nubian Shield Eslam Elawadi
# 22 Preliminary results for outdoor Geophysical Test Site for Educational and Research Activities, King Saud University, Saudi Arab Mohamed Metwaly, Eslam A. Alawad, Sayed S. R.
Theme 4 -- Mineral Resource and Mining Geology
# 23 Metallogenic Prognosis and Prospective Selection for Uranium Deposit of Volcanic Rocks Type in Northeastern Part of China Chen Debing, Wang Zhihua
# 24 Determination of U Th and REEs in Alkaline Rock and Mineral Samples by Lithium Borate Fusion-ICP-MS Dongfa GUO, Qiuhong HUANG, Shengkai XIE, Li LI, Tiejian WANG
# 25 Investigation of Geochemical Studies of Bauxite Residue (Red Mud) in Saudi Arabia Abdulaziz N. Al-Mutairi, Sultan A. Alkhammali, Abdulrahman M. Alotaibi , Majed A. Almalki, Abdulrahman A. Aljabbab, Yasir A. Almutairi, Abdulrahman M. Bin Rogaib, Aqeel F. Alharbi
# 26 Based on Geological Process Analysizing for Resource Assessment and Prospect: A New Method Qiu Ruizhao, Stephen D. Ludington, Tan Yongjie, Chen Xiufa, Lv Zhicheng, Zhou Su, Zhu Quanlong, Zhao Like
# 27 A Natural Clayey Adsorbent For Selective Removal Of Lead From Aqueous Solutions Ali SDIRI, Samir BOUAZIZ
# 28 Geological characteristics of baiyanghe beryllium uranium deposit in west junggar Mou WANG, Guo WANG
# 29 The Geophysical Method in Interlayer oxidation zone type sandstone-type uranium deposit Prospecting and Exploration in China Jian Zhou, Zhanjiu Wen
# 30 Performance of Magnetic Talc Titanium Oxide Composite for Thorium ions Adsorption from Acidic Rafinate Ahmed Morsy
# 31 Analysis on Uranium concentration of Thaniyat phosphorite member of Thaniyat Turayf area in Saudi Arabia and metallogenic mechanism Zhixing Li, Ziying Li, Mingkuan Qin, Honghai Fan, Abdullah Memesh, Saleh Dini, Ahmed S.Banakhar, Ali Salem Alghamdi, Abdulrahman J.Al Juaid, Longsheng Yi
# 32 The Calcrete-hosted Uranium Prospecting Potential in Sabkhah Ad Dumathah, Saudi Arabia Jinyong Chen, Dan Zhao, Kang Zhang, Nasir Al Jahdali, Guodong Wu, Debing Chen, Zhihua Wang
# 33 Comparison of core control and geophysical investigations, silica sand deposits, Dawmat Al Jandal, Al Jawf, at Saudi Arabia Ghassan Alsulaimani, Rafa Ghandoura
Theme 5 -- Environmental and Engineering Geology
# 34 A review on geochemical mass balance modelling: a case study Assiut area, Egypt Mahmoud A. Abdel-Hafiz, Salah A.M. Zeid, El-Montser M. Seleem, Salman A. Salman
# 35 Integrated geotechnical, sedimentological and shallow seismic analyses for the north western part of Badr city, Egypt Ali El Khadragy, Fatma Ramadan, Ahmed Saad and Hader Zahran
# 36 Assessment Of Tell-Basta Archaeological Site Using Magnetic Method, Zakazik, Egypt Abeer A. El-Kenawy and El-Said A. Ragab
# 37 Annual Floods On Aswan Lake And Seismic Activity At Vicinity Areas, Egypt Sameh M. M. Abbady
# 38 Efficient removal of lead and cadmium by natural dolomite in aqueous systems A. Sdiri
# 39 The implication of hypogenenetic and epigenetic processes in the formations of some caves in Markaz Adfah, Al Jouf Region, Saudi Arabia Hussam Z. Al-Turki, Rushdi J. Taj and Mahmoud A. Aref
Theme 6 -- Remote Sensing and GIS
# 40 Construction and Application of Remote Sensing Prospecting Model of Gold Deposit in Aerial Hyper-spectral Measurement Area Wang Ruijun
# 41 Utilization of FieldSpec Spectral Profiles and Multispectral Satellite Data for Mapping Ophiolitic Ultramafics and Listvenite: A case study from Jabal Ess, Saudi Arabia Ahmed Madani, Abdel Moneim El-Dougdoug, Hesham Harbi
# 42 Spectral Characteristics and Mapping of Wadi Natash Volcanic Field, South Eastern Desert, Egypt Using ASD Fieldspec Measurements and ASTER Data Ahmed Madani
# 43 Tectonic geomorphology of the Jhelum fault zone, Pakistan Himalaya A. A. Shah, Talha Quadri
# 44 Relative Tectonic Activity Assessment in western Catchments of Intermontane Kashmir Basin, NW Himalayas Syed Ahmad Ali, Umair Ali
# 45 Detecting the Geo-environmental Risks and Finding Effective Solutions around Historic Jeddah Using Remote sensing and GIS techniques At Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Abdelaziz Elfadaly, Beniamino Murgante, Rosa Lasaponara
# 46 Morphology of Equatorial Ionospheric Anomaly over Middle East and Arabian plate region using Satellites Essam Ghamry, Adel Fathy
# 47 Petroleum Exploration in Ogaden Basin, Ethiopia: Implication of Satellite images & GIS techniques S. Ahmad Ali, B. Edessa
# 48 Hydrogeology, Remote sensing and GIS in Nag – Hammadi Aballa M .faid
# 49 GIS Spatial Analysis of Morphometric Features on Flooding with reference to Jeddah-Makkah Region and Surrounding Areas, Saudi Arabia Atef A. Qaddah and Faisal Alqahtani
Theme 7 -- Geohazards of Arabia: Mapping, Quantification, Mitigation
# 50 Seismic Activity And Tectonic Setting Of Sharma Gulf-Ras Alsheikh Hamid Region, Red Sea, Saudi Arabia Rabea A. Haredy Hamdy A. Aboulela, Mohamed K El-Shafei
Theme 9 -- Coastal and Marine Environment of the Red Sea
# 51 Sea level changes, Palaeoenvironment and Palaeoclimate interpretations of the late Holocene in the Al-Kharrar Lagoon, Saudi Red Sea coast Talha A. Al-Dubai, Ramadan H. Abu-Zied, Ali S. Basaham